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It is a randomly generated telephone number of a Russian citizen you can call.
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Forty million phone calls to end the war

It is a randomly generated telephone number of a Russian citizen you can call.

As the bombs and missiles rain down on Ukraine cities and towns, we must bypass Putin’s lies and deliver the truth to Russians. They are a people who have been lied to for decades and are being lied to about what is happening in Ukraine now. It is our responsibility and our duty to talk to them.

Only Russians can stop Putin

World’s opinion doesn’t matter to Putin. World leaders can’t change his plans. Sanctions can’t. He is not afraid of them. There’s only thing he is afraid of – Russian people on streets protesting. And forty million calls can help this happen.

Only the truth can stop the war

Russian propaganda machine is working perfectly. It’s zombifying effect is terrifying. Independent media closed, journalists – silenced. So, there’s none to tell the truth, to show photos of destroyed hospitals, killed children, bombarded houses.

Talking, not hate

Putin speaks the language of guns and violence. He lies and fakes reality. Russians are victims of Putin and his regime. We know that Russian parents are not being told where their sons are and what they are doing. Russians does not deserve hate – they need our encouragement, our support and belief.

The last day of war

One phone call cannot end a war. But millions of phone calls might. Vladimir Putin can order to entire cities to be levelled but we will keep talking to the decent Russian people, because the first day they will stand against the Putin, will be the last day of the war.

Be prepared for the call

The call will be really hard. People were exposed to Putin’s propaganda too long and it is not easy change their minds.

Tell stories of people dying

Not dry statistics. Tell them about births in metro stations, destroyed hospitals, ruined schools, killed children.

Address them as relatives of Russian soldiers

Address them as mothers, parents, relatives of Russian soldiers. Speak about how soldiers are not prepared for the war, how lost they feel, hungry and despair.

Ask if the head of state has to fear his people

What he is so afraid of if he is sending any other opinion to jail. Why is he hiding in the bunker himself.

Do not try to change their perception of the situation

Do not try to convince them that everything is counterfeit. They are too in Putin’s world and you will only get an even stronger hostile.

Don’t talk about sanctions

Economics. It will only prove to them that Putin is right and will be met as threatning.

Don’t threaten

Make human connection. Speak about the pain of war and ordinary people suffering.